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Cheetham Wetlands

ANALOGUE: West Melbourne


Time and time again I've been told to not visit West Melbourne because it is the wild west. That got my curiosity and I'm glad to have done so. What I did find was friendly smiles everywhere and no one told me to point my camera somewhere else because everyone was simply enjoying themselves. Long story short, food over the west side was incredible and no, my car was not stolen.

Cheetham Wetlands


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ANALOGUE: Wilsons Promontory

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ANALOGUE: Ballarat

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ANALOGUE: Phillip Island

Cheetham Wetlands.jpg

The magic of the Cheetham Wetlands is the sense of untouched land and flora fauna that draws in peace and tranquility. Immediately noticeable is the vantage point to the Melbourne CBD skyline. Standing in between you and the view could just be swans swimming in pairs. 

Newport Power Station
Newport Park Atheletics Facility.jpg
Newport Park Victoria

Newport is ten minutes or so from the infamous CBD and is home to a diverse ethnic, economic and social background. Newport Power Station is a landmark to this suburb and can be seen wherever you go. It is like your average neighbourhood only better because locals get to  fish looking at Melbourne's skyscrapers.

Werribee Park Victoria
Werribee Park Victoria
Werribee Park Victoria
Werribee Park Victoria

Werribee Park is the westernmost venue on this itinerary, a place where there's a zoo, a rose garden and a mansion amongst other things. It is a great place to have a picnic, admire Italianate architecture or simply being around greenery. There's enough space for everybody so come out to soak up some sun.

Gem Pier Williamstown
Gem Pier Williamstown
Gem Pier Williamstown

Gem Pier is a historical wharf in Williamstown, home to battleship HMAS Castlemaine which served in the last world war and is now a museum exhibition. Stroll along with fish and chips in hand for its incredible sunsets or boats watching.

Altona Beach Victoria
Altona Beach Victoria

Altona beach is a family-friendly place with shallow, clear blue waters. There's also a beach volleyball area and other facilities. This place is beautiful during the sunset but it is also known for its amorous scene after dawn. A 500-meter long pier takes you out to the ocean so you can keep your shoes dry. 

Jawbone Conservation Reserve.jpg

Other places to see:

 • Jawbone Conservation Reserve

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