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lomography 400 review

ANALOGUE: Lomography 400 120


No one will be blamed for not taking this colour negative seriously given how whacky the box is designed to look. What cannot be discounted is how welcoming and encouraging the Lomography community is.


Lomography 400 turned out to be quite the contender even without a professional label. Being warmer than a Portra equivalent does grasp more immediate attention. Highlights hold well at two stops over while little grain is seen in the shadows at box speed.


I surely will be getting more from Lomography because where’s the excitement when everyone shoots the same film stock.


Shot on Mamiya 7ii paired to a 50mm f/4.5


Natural warm tones

Fine grain

2020 Lomography 400 review
Lomography 400 review
Lomography 400 120
Lomography 400 review
Lomography medium format review


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