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master dynamic mw07 plus

REVIEW: Master & Dynamic MW07 Plus


A headphone is where to head for the truest sound reproduction however the world has moved on quite a lot from those wired days. As much as I like my PX headphones, I don’t use them much given how that soft carrying bag will not save it from being crushed so it is best for it not to leave home. And if you wear glasses, having headphones over the head isn’t the most comfortable thing, is it?

The Plus came a year after the original MW07. This facelift tripled its battery life which is no small feat given how little space anyone can work with in an earphone. If that alone is not jaw-dropping, noise cancellation, more microphones, upgraded bluetooth and improved water resistance too have been wedged inside. It is not that I'd put them near moisture but it is good to know they can be splashed at. 


master dynamic review

VIDEO: Master & Dynamic MW07 Plus

2020 sony wf1000xm3 review

REVIEW: Sony WF-1000XM3


Big, rich sounds

Battery life

Water resistance

Physical buttons



Polished case

Noise cancelling


10 + 40 hours of battery life

Bluetooth 5.0 aptX

9 grams each

84 grams charging case

RM 1499

A$ 549

master dynamic unboxing
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First off, you have six familiar eyewear colours to choose from. It’d be nice to have them all but I can’t decide so, a lucky dip it is. Stock tips fit surprisingly well in my ears and pairing was a breeze, be it phone or computer. Having files transmitted via AptX, I have to agree with the highest praise out there on the MW07 Plus. This has a very Master & Dynamic sound signature with bold yet well-controlled bass which is kind of to be expected from those huge drivers.

master dynamic mw07 plus review

As powerful as they are, they don’t muddle hence mids and highs clearly present themselves. Sound stage is airy while separation and response are simply sublime. The MW07 Plus can go seriously loud but things do get bright past 75% volume then again half way is plenty loud for me.


Comfort's certainly elevated by hypoallergenic fins resulting in little to no fatigue from long listening which is not always the case when it comes to in-ear speakers. Taking it for a jog wouldn't pose an issue given how one sticks like a barnacle. To sum up, you can tell this is made by people who love their music and should this be your first pair of wireless earphones, it is unlikely not to be impressed.

mw07 plus jade green
mw07 case
master dynamic mw07 review

When it comes to walls, the Plus occasionally splutters before resuming even well within its 30-meter range. To my surprise, that went away after its break-in period. Even so, this M&D is always eager to connect and in everyday use, we are never a meter away from our devices. Another thing to like about the MW07 is that it comes ready to go, so there’s no need to install yet another app.

master dynamic mw07 plus review

Hairline scratches quickly showed on the case despite handling with microfiber gloves. It may be a fingerprint, dust and scratch magnet but take it like an aluminium luggage, it is meant to protect what’s inside and exhibit mileage. The hinge on this unit seems to squeak every time it is opened and it doesn’t hold itself open. There’s nothing really to dislike except for its noise cancelling ability and if that’s the most important aspect, this might be a deal breaker.

master dynamic mw07 plus

I’m happy to have the MW07 Plus over a pair of headphones for its form factor and compromises because nothing out there sounds, feels, looks like a product from Master & Dynamic.


If this is the sound you are looking for, how much one of these is retailing for is far from expensive. Furthermore, a team this dedicated to what they do during such unusual times has earned my utmost respect because should there be any issues within two years, it is comforting to know you will be in good hands.

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