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bowers wilkins p9

REVIEW: Bowers & Wilkins P9 Signature



Faithful midrange and highs

Amount of detail

Sound separation

Doesn't require much to drive


Voluminous bass

Substantial heft


2Hz - 30kHz

22 ohms

413 grams

RM 4,200

Things are better when shared; food, whisky, you get the drift. The fundamentals of CWO share the very same reason, to sit like minded people down for conversation. And today we got something truly special, Bowers & Wilkins’ 50th birthday cake - the P9 Signature. 

p9 signature


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A generous amount of leather, thickly cut metal has resulted in 413 grams, like a Bentley they don’t try concealing weight because this is a world of plenty. From a design standpoint, the P9 is the headphones equivalent of what Eames and Ottoman is to the furniture world. Glistened with the best sustainable materials and softest leather to the human skin. I too would be led to believe if I was told they both were conceived in the same era.

bowers wilkins p9 review

If a mobile device makes the P9 sound weedy, have your music piped down a DAC then an amplifier. As for the rest of the population, a MacBook does the job decently well and doesn’t take long to realise its the best thing you’ve listened to music through. 

circum aural

The Signature serves a nice blend of strong bass (a bit too charitable), seriously rich mid and meticulous upper registers is nonetheless a good mix. Left and right sound separation too is astonishingly delivered. It is often where I opened my eyes questioning if I was with the artist themselves in a recording studio.

b&w p9

" Vocals on the higher spectrum are ironed off

neatly giving a smooth warm finish "

bowers wilkins p9 review
saffiano leather

Have a listen to MLAAT’s Winter Love, the P9 whole-heartedly brings out Pie’s misty voice. Then again, if there’s one song to demonstrate this B&W’s magnificence, it would be Jamiroquai’s Summer Girl.

bowers wilkins p9 signature

Jack plugged in, laying on a lounge chair in an air conditioned sphere then it suddenly became a concert for one.

Listen to:

My life as Ali Thomas Paper
Stereophonics Graffiti on the Train
Jamiroquai Automaton
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