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2020 cinestill 800 review

ANALOGUE: Cinestill 800T 35mm


What’s not to like when it comes to breaking the rule of thirds and cinematic colour tones. Moreover Lala Land, recent Star Wars and  Bond movies was  shot  on  a Cinestill 800T related film which really drew my attention. A layer that aids overexposure have been removed from Kodak's Vision 3 so it can be developed with C41 chemicals hence halation shows when shooting lights.

Unique colour rendition and high saturation are two of many reasons to shoot 800T alongside its low light prowess. Shadows and highlight retain a healthy amount of detail while skin tones are delivered in a natural manner. Although shooting film at night is no easy feat, Cinestill 800 is a film stock that encourages so.


Shot on Canon AE1-P paired to a Canon FD 50mm f/1.4


Cinematic look


More charm with limited light

cinestill halation
cinestill 800t
cinestill 800 daylight
cinestill 800t skin tone
cinestill 800t
the real sir robin
cinestill 800t 35mm
cinestill 800 2019
cinestill 800 2019 review


the real sir robin

VIDEO: Shooting With a Pro

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