THE BAR: Yamazaki 12 Years


Having had the Yamazaki 18, it is hard to ignore the existence of the highly praised, more value for money 12, we had to know.


Yamazaki’s 12, just like the 18, is heavenly on the nose. Seriously fruity, already warming up to be a treat. Inhale quickly notes of cashew nut can be picked up, slowly and it’d be a waft of banana. A hint of jasmine tea too could be detected in the process.


hakushu review


Cashewnut, banana, jasmine tea, lemon peel and cinnamon

yamazaki 18 review

THE BAR: Yamazaki 18

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Things begin with a picky start, gets a little better as things go. A fruity honey-like texture is given out before proceeding into a citrusy medium. It rewards the drinker with a smoky-oaky finish with a touch of cinnamon. Have a sip of water then the adventure ends with sweet notes.


It's 18-year sibling may be three times the price but it gives five times the satisfaction by being smoother for having done a longer time in Mizunara cask. Despite that, the Yamazaki 12 is a complex single malt punches above its weight, a close match for Macallen’s 18.

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