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canon 3000v review

ANALOGUE: Canon 3000V


Having bagged one of the technologically advanced film cameras, the EOS 3 and nabbed a very hands-on Yashica FX-3, this is all you really need. Especially so, if you are starting out to shoot film in 2021. Why torture yourself with so much that can go wrong with film photography when digital cameras have now reached the same height of pinnacle? Well, that’s because we appreciate the aesthetics of film and that’s what brought you here.



Ease of use

Information display


Maximum shutter speed

Focus locked confirmation

Rubber grip get sticky


35mm SLR

EF mount

1.5 fps

360 grams

From A$130

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2021 canon 300v review

ANALOGUE: Canon 300V

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ANALOGUE: Canon AE-1 Program

With less stocks being axed from time to time and the ever increasing price of film, it is not wise to go straight for a Xpan. Instead go for an entry or mid-range from Canon or Nikon in their final years before transitioning to digital given film has reached full maturity. Not only that you might have a compatible lens lying around but they are light in weight and on the wallet. These bodies are basically small boxes to feed film hence you’re better off spending on good glass.

canon 40mm 2.8
2021 canon 3000v

The 3000V is probably unheard of and has mediocre continuous frame rate but that doesn’t really matter because film is slow photography. Say A$14 (Developing + Standard scan) + A$9 (Kodak Ultramax) which out to be about 64 cents per shot, I think anyone would give things a thought before blasting five test shots on a lens cap.

canon 3000v

In terms of specification, it is much like a 300V. Like the 300, I got one with its kit lens, box and papers. They both feel alike in the hands although the 3000V is not as good to look at and to feel. Furthermore, it has a smaller display that does not light up. Worst of all, AF points do not flash red when focus is locked on. Then again these should be expected as it sits at the bottom of the Canon SLR lineup.


Paired to an 40mm pancake, this is the ultimate lightweight setup and there is just no excuse for not bringing a camera out with you.

Shot on Canon 3000V paired to a Canon EF 40mm f/2.8

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