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Rolex DateJust 41 review

ON THE WRIST: Rolex DateJust 41


There are a few ways to look at Rolex. One, their watches are boring. Another is, their design is perfection hence there’s no need for much changes. Whichever camp you are in, there is certainly one model that will tickle your fancy.

A DateJust with this dial is often regarded as the Wimbledon where that hint of green outlining roman numerals as a nod to the tournament. Rolex ambassador Roger Federer often puts on a DJ41 with this dial in a two-tone configuration for this event hence the nickname.  


Timeless design

Impressive quality

Bracelet wrist comfort


Short clasp

Common sight


41 mm Diameter

12 mm Thickness

100m Water Resistance

70 hours Power Reserve

47.6 mm Lug to Lug

A$ 13,350

Rolex DateJust 41 wimbledon


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What I like most about this dial is how different it looks from the rest of the bunch and the only dial with Roman numerals without a railway minute track. There is luminescence on the hour, seconds hand and some more at 9 o’clock. This slate dial may be sunburst but it can be darker than you think which is great for those who would prefer a more understated look. So if that is not for you there are about ten other dials to choose from.

Once that’s done, there still are decisions to be made on the bezel, bracelet and material which can be tiring or nicely put, something for everyone. I am all for comfort so I tend to lean to the 36 mm case size but if you are like me having a wrist of about 15 cm, going Jubilee on a DJ41 will still fit fine.

Rolex DateJust 41 review

The Datejust series has been around for so long and there’s not much we do not already know about nonetheless let’s get them out of the way. Given the year was 1945, being the only waterproofed watch was a big deal . It was the first automatic movement with date functionality. Topping things off, the Cyclops magnifying lens gave the Datejust its instantly recognisable look.

Rolex DateJust 41 jubilee
rolex easylink
Rolex DateJust jubilee

Rolexes have always been evolutionary and with every reference, improvements are not only made on the outside but also carried out on the inside. It has now been slimmed down to 12 mm tall, lug to lug distance shortened and power reserve, increased to 70 hours. Accuracy with calibre 3235 is within a second every 24 hours under my watch. Closed case back as usual given how industrial looking Rolex movements are because if there’s nothing to show, might as well not show.


A 5 mm can be done on the clasp without needing tools is certainly a nice addition when it comes to this generation of DJ. Even so, this feels yesteryear in comparison to how Tudor does things in the clasp department. On the contrary, this Jubilee bracelet should get more recognition as every link is properly made. It is incredible at distributing the heft of the watch as well as venting heat off the wrist. 

Rolex DateJust 41 review

This 41mm DateJust provides an all day wrist comfort without being too large or too heavy. A full day with one in this configuration is acceptable but I still prefer watches with less bulk. Its proportion is pretty much perfect even for those with a smaller wrist and especially so on a jubilee bracelet. It is a comfortable watch that does not wear you out at the end of the day but things could be different if this has a fluted bezel which comes with more weight.

Rolex DateJust 41 wimbledon

I am a fan of Roman numerals and I find the larger dial being better spaced out for it than the smaller 36 mm which looks a touch cramped to my eyes. That aside, this configuration is a versatile one where it can be casual or formal. At this price which is no small sum of money, the feeling, the feedback and the sounds that this watch makes is delivered in aces. Above all, this is a special commemoration of my good friend and mine as we celebrated our birth month with this watch, now that’s another good excuse to buy a watch.

Rolex DateJust 41 review
Rolex DateJust 41 bracelet
2024 Rolex DateJust 41

Onto the downsides, the clasp should be lengthened as it is disproportionately short. I suspect this was meant for the smaller 36 and simply carried over to the 41 mm. Polished centre bits on the clasp get scratched once leaving the Rolex store which can be annoying. The older style hidden crown clasp is much missed as it trumps the new one for looking more flush and cohesive when it comes to design.


Something I am on the fence about is its smooth bezel looking bare at times and on other occasions, pleasantly elegant. Nonetheless one may argue that this watch will only be complete with a fluted bezel and to that I say, they do have a point.

Rolex DateJust 41 review

The DateJust is often overlooked when it comes to Rolex and I would too but it does not mean that is not a good watch. It’s got everything we need in a watch and most importantly fits many wrist sizes with plenty of configurations to choose from. If we can take our attention away from Subs and GMTs for a bit, the DateJust is something to be appreciated. 

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