bmw m4


MONDAY MAY 20, 2019


Exciting to drive

Cabin insulation and comfort

Exhaust noise


Average sound system
Bland dashboard


3.0-litre inline-6

425hp 550Nm 7-speed DCT

0-100 km/h: 4.1s

Top speed: 250 km/h

RM 772,800

Truthfully, I never had the fizz for the F80 that came out of M division as they were often said to have a lairy back end, a boring soundtrack and was done to meet deadlines. For no reason at all, I was presented a 2015 BMW M4. I should be excited because it is an M car, that’s the law. But I wasn’t. Those above mentioned traits by motor journalists have gotten to me bad. Despite that, I got in the car, reluctantly.


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It has the same gear operation like the one in the M5, at times confusing nevertheless I adore it. Like a secret handshake only for those who know. Then look at the rather unflattering black/grey interior and rough plastic bits that rub against your left knee, which I do not like.


I drove along familiar streets and went to a park for a jog and that's enough to reveal the how special an M4 is. The way it fires into life, induction and exhaust noise always hints that this is not an ordinary 3 series. Does remind me of the Giulietta Veloce however this has been amplified onto another amplitude, yet more comfortable.

When I was finally ready to open my eyes, I had M1 set to most ferocious and gave it the boot. It was mad the best ways, surprisingly madder than the Italian Guilia QV. Things got even louder and with every foot, the back end wags like a dog but you are always in control. Like a dog, it wouldn’t kill you. A lot of fun to be had, way too much.


The problem is, the steering gets artificially heavy and dampers, too stiff. So into M2, engine, gearbox and differential at their angriest while steering and suspensions put in comfort. What you get is a superb machine that provides actual comfort yet thrilling to drive. Anyone who claims the M4 not to be a drivers’ car simply cannot have the slightest bit of fun at dance parties. 

Sure it has lost a pair of cylinders therefore not sounding like a motorsport derived engine and I agree. But these exhausts are better to me, they’re loud, they pop and they bang. Drop the window, shift into neutral at speeds, give it some revs and you’ll hear what I’m on about.


Although steering’s electric, it is precise. The transmission is ace, something a German competitor can’t match to this date and it’s not Audi. The combination as a whole is very much one, an excellent choice of weapon where little has been lost in translation.

An M3/4 may cost three times more than a 320i but it is ten times better, apart from similar looks inside and out, nothing is the same. The black seats that came with the car I drove were spectacular to sit in and look at. The only annoying thing is, speakers in most BMWs for decades have been rubbish and this Harman/Kardon ones don't help.


A praise it is as I was left astound by BMW’s M4 even after a stroll in a Lamborghini Huracan. I guess there’s no better place to be in a car than the driver seat except for well, limousines.

Shot entirely on iPhone XS

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