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kodak p3200 review

ANALOGUE: Kodak Tmax P3200 35mm


Mostly shot at 800 ASA with a few exceptions when shutter speeds are way too slow for handheld shots. Surprisingly, they turn out to look much like the rest.


Grain is apparent but what were we expecting at such ISOs. There’s a distinctive character to this film and I suspect you can rate Kodak Tmax P3200 anywhere from 400 to 1600. Like their colour motion picture film and Cinestill 800T, halation is present which may or may not be appealing to you.


Given its flexibility, this is a do it all go anywhere film stock. Would I shoot more of these? Sure, just not portraits.


Canon EF 24-105 STM & Canon EF 28mm f/1.8




Kodak Tmax P3200
Kodak Tmax P3200
Kodak Tmax P3200
Kodak Tmax P3200
Kodak Tmax P3200


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