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rm williams craftsman review

REVIEW: R.M. Williams Craftsman

MONDAY JUNE 24, 2024

Born in the 1960s, the Craftsman boots have been evolutionary as there is no need to tinker with a design that was already perfect. These boots are instantly recognisable on the streets made from a single piece leather, only few manufacturers actually do this given skills required to put this together is no easy feat. The cherry on top? Every R.M. Williams boot is handmade in South Australia and that is yet another tradition that is no longer practiced by most shoemakers today.




Before and after sales




UK shoe size

1 - 17


Narrow, Regular, Wide

A$ 649

rm williams comfort craftsman review


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The Craftsman boots were originally assembled to take on the extreme weather of the Australian outback faced by farmers, keeping their feet free from dust and water. That one piece leather construction is not only visually appealing but functional.


My first pair of Craftsman were the Comfort Craftsman which features a rubber sole and a comfort insole over the classic model. This will suit those looking for their first pair of Chelsea boots as it provides a lot more comfort to those who are used to wearing sports shoes. Having spoken to those who have worn boots all their lives, the Comfort Craftsman is the most snug pair of boots there is.

rm williams craftsman boots review
rm williams craftsman review
rm williams craftsman comfort

Both narrow and wide fit are on offer on top of the regular size. If that’s not enough to get you into your first pair, just walk into one of their stores and their friendly people will size anyone up to find the perfect fit. As someone who had never owned a pair of boots, all these were a bit overwhelming but fun at the same time as there is an abundance of configurability and history associated with a single pair of footwear.


My second pair has the dynamic flex sole that provides more softness from its combined leather and rubber sole. These wear even closer to sports shoes as they are more flexible than the Comfort Craftsman. Having had a look at my clothes, I chose chestnut over black and dark tan for its versatility. There are other colours to choose from such as caramel and mid brown on top of seasonal ones that are produced in lower numbers which pretty much makes them limited editions.

rm williams boots review
rm williams craftsman dynamic flex
rm williams craftsman boots

Nothing is more important than footwear that protects your feet and these boots are likely the most comfortable ones there are. I have had designer dress shoes and they are rock hard on the heels and hurt my toes from a few hours of wearing. That one piece leather with a single seam at the back does make these Chelsea boots sleek and clean looking. Upon a closer inspection, stitching and finishing are done to high standards which is impressive for its asking price.


Craftsman boots are made to be worn forever but if you choose to abuse yours, everything is replaceable aside from upper leather, lining, tugs and elastics. I look up to a company like R.M. Williams as their boots don’t have a lifecycle like most products do which only serve their shareholders from profit maximisation. 

rm williams craftsman review

What’s more amazing is the top notch service that R.M. Williams provides after sales. Should you experience a defect with any of their goods, they will look into the matter seriously and provide an exchange which is yet another element missing in modern shopping experience.


Onto what’s not so good. These Craftsman boots sag so make sure to get a good fit otherwise it can look like an old dog fast. Despite that, it may still wrinkle from simply putting and taking them off. It is advised to put on conditioner and using boot trees are recommended to reduce creasing and absorb moisture.

rm williams leather boots

A pair of Chelsea boots is a must have for anyone’s wardrobe as they go well with chinos, jeans or even a full suit by being extremely versatile. The Craftsman boots is a go anywhere footwear as it can handle bush walks and hotel lobbies, the only issue is that one pair will never be enough.


Hats off to their sales team as I have never felt more looked after in retail shopping (luxury brands included) and I see myself getting another pair in a different colour in the near future. The ultimate goal? A pair of the Signature series to commemorate a milestone, perhaps in exotic leather. Those are handmade by their most experienced boots maker with the philosophy, one man, one pair of boots.

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