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THE BAR: Yamazaki 18 Years



Raisin, blackberry,

caramel, jam and ginger

Yamazaki’s 18 is a clear demonstration of what decades of mastery from the East can deliver. There is little doubt why the 18 is world number one given how generously floral and fruity it is on the nose and ample on the palate. The shamans at Suntory have managed a potion so complex yet easy in the mouth while delivering a gentle hint of Japanese oak.

yamazaki 18
yamazaki 18 review

Finally, the 18 resides smoothly, leaving a memorable rich finish. To sum things up, the Yamazaki 18 is like experiencing cherry blossom for the first time. Simply mesmerising. The entire range currently carries a heavy premium then again, have a sip (maybe two) and you’d be glad that you bought yourself an entire crate.

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