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Lake Wendouree Ballarat

ANALOGUE: Ballarat


Ballarat is the state's largest city after Melbourne, Geelong and gold will soon be mentioned after that fun fact. Well Ballarat is not only known for that because it now thrives on both tourism and manufacturing.

Lake Wendouree is the highlight of the city as it can be often seen while travelling on main roads. It may be artificial but it is home to a vast array of waterbirds. There's plenty to see in this six kilometres walk and a botanical garden is nested on its western shore.

Lake Wendouree


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Lake Wendouree Ballarat
Lake Wendouree Ballarat

Feel free to walk in all directions as there is plenty to see over at Ballarat Botanical Gardens ranging from century-old trees to seasonal flowers. The Robert Clark Conservatory is within walking distance which displays flowers in accordance to the quarter of the year. Be light on the pedal while driving around here as one can never tell when the ducks choose to cross.

Ballarat Botanical Gardens.jpg
Ballarat Botanical Gardens
Mt Buninyong Ballarat
Mt Buninyong Ballarat
Mt Buninyong Ballarat

See the city from above at Mount Buninyong, a short one-way drive up this inactive volcano to its observation tower. Lastly, go for a farm stay to get up close with animals. Feed the horse some hay, pet these gentle animals and see them go about with poise. 

St Georges Lake Ballarat
Lake Calembeen Ballarat
White Horse Cottage Country Stay

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White Horse Cottage Country Stay, Scotsburn

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