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fuji venus 800

ANALOGUE: Fujifilm Venus 800

MONDAY JUNE 15, 2020

Shot within the range of 200-800 ISO, two stops over where possible and box speed when light is limited. There is a lot to like because Venus 800 looks mostly like a 400 speed film since grain is neither fuzzy nor distracting. As always with Fujifilm, skin tones are accurately rendered.


Being a high speed film, it is an all-situation stock but convenience comes at a price. It is one quality negative that will only get further from reach considering it too has been thrown under the bus.

Shot on Canon 300V paired to a Canon EF 35mm f/2 IS


Neutral tones


Fujifilm Venus 800 review
Fuji Venus 800 review
Fujifilm Venus 800
2020 Fujifilm Venus 800 review
Fujifilm Venus 800
Fujifilm Venus 800 photo


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