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canon 300v review

ANALOGUE: Canon 300V



Weight, the lack of it

Compact dimension

Large information display


Maximum shutter speed


35mm SLR

EF mount

2.5 fps

365 grams

From RM 200

Why have I bought yet another midrange film camera from Canon? Well, it is simply due to weight or rather lack of it. The EOS 3 is great in many ways but I’ve always wished it were lighter. Hence, I travel with the 500N when it comes to shooting 35mm film.

canon 300v review


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Like its predecessor, it is mostly made of plastic and only got a maximum shutter speed of 2000th of a second. That's about it for similarities as the 300V has twice the amount of focus points, a more sophisticated metering system, steel lens mount, a larger LCD that lights up yet tipping the scales at a mere 365 grams.

canon 300v

If you're used to Canon’s EOS series, controls on their film counterpart is near identical. It is as easy as jumping into a car with an automatic transmission and drive. Though it may sound too automated where the photographing process will be diluted but if you are like me, lacking experience in focus by hand, it will be a pain to shoot Leica Ms. More so when it comes to film photography. I'd suggest to rely on a trustworthy autofocus system that could at times be a hit or miss and pay more attention on composition.

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The 300V is a good camera as film reached its pinnacle in the 2000s before transitioning to digital. The deal was made sweeter as it came with box and papers. Something tells me this will be the chosen more of the time than the 3.

Shot on Canon 300V paired to a Canon EF 35mm f/2 IS

canon 300v review
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