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2020 fuji proplus review

ANALOGUE: Fujifilm Proplus II 200


This is definitely the most difficult to obtain colour negative so I had to get some my hands on before they go completely extinct. The Proplus II is a 200 ASA emulsion where grain levels are slightly more than expected although not distracting. Colours are naturally rendered with a vast dynamic range by not being overly saturated. Also photographs tend to be slightly skewed towards a warmer, magenta tone.

Finish the roll at box speed and bag plenty of them as they have probably been discontinued.

Shot on Canon EOS 3 paired to a Canon EF 35mm f/1.4 II


Captivating colours

Natural look

Fujifilm proplus ii
Fuji proplus ii 200
Fuji proplus ii photo
fujicolor proplus ii
Fujifilm proplus ii
Fuji proplus ii
Fuji proplus ii review
Fuji proplus ii 2018


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