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2020 fuji c200 review

ANALOGUE: Fujifilm C200


Shooting consumer grade has so far never been disappointing, for me at least. Things could be down to having less pressure and expectations with every frame which in turn yield surprises. 36 exposure may seem a lot but when shooting casually on a roll like this one, you’ll soon be on your last sooner than expected.


35mm film like the C200 and the already gone Agfa Vista should be thanked for as they encourage the masses to shoot more frequently, bringing people into the game creating long lasting memories.

Shot on Canon 500N paired to a Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II


Natural look

Neutral colours

Fuji C200 review
Fujifilm C200
Fuji C200 photo
Fuji C200
Fuji C200 review
Fujifilm C200 review
Fujifilm C200 2018


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