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2020 kodak colorplus review

ANALOGUE: Kodak Colorplus 200


The easiest on the pocket Kodak film and with the right amount of light, it can produce some hugely satisfying photographs. After two dozen of rolls shot, I am glad to have picked some Colorplus up. Its forgiving nature and vibrant colours have definitely inspired to shoot a lot more on film. At 200 ISO, grain levels are well controlled by not being overly distracting. Colorplus 200 is a lot of fun, a negative good for the less serious stuff like brunch or road trips.

It’s a film stock I wouldn’t hesitate to load into the camera because there aren’t many reasons not to.

Shot on Canon 500N paired to a Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II


Of warm tones


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kodak colorplus 200
kodak colorplus
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kodak colorplus 35mm
kodak colorplus review


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