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2020 ilford delta review

ANALOGUE: Ilford Delta 400 35mm


Everyone in my circle of film photographers have sworn upon how wonderful Ilford’s HP5+ is so I dived into its professional counterpart, the Delta 400. Having read and been told on how unforgiving the Delta is compared to HP5+, I was admittedly a little nervous. My first roll was done indoors, light was limited and had to be rated at 800. Thus, I paid extra attention on metering. My fears was completely gone when the scans came back looking good, debunking the narrow latitude rumour.


Since everyone shoots Tri-X and HP5, Delta 400 have just become my go-to black and white film.

Shot on Canon Eos 3 paired to a Canon EF 35mm f/2 IS


Minimal grain

Medium contrast


ilford delta 400 review
ilford delta 400 portrait
ilford delta 400 indoor
ilford delta 400 review
ilford delta 400 2018
ilford delta 400 review
ilford delta 400 2019


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