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Sitting at the passenger seats enjoying the view and air conditioning can be a pleasure. Please be reminded every car has to be serviced washed and tyres need to be filled. While the driver is doing the important job, let’s take a look at few points that might enhance for the drive experience.

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1. Talk to your driver

This can mean just by keeping the driver occupied. In other words, keep the driver entertained and not in a drowsy mood because this could be a matter of life and death.

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2. Be the navigator

As our smartphones can do most of today’s task, one is critical for road trips. Navigate. Whilst the driver is not able to take his eye of the road, passenger comes in to the rescue.

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3. Be respectful

Most of us have different tastes in music but it’s rude to go and override the owner’s music selection because NOT everyone is into Taylor Swift. Be polite by asking for permission to change.

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4. Try not to distract

It is okay to reply messages if only if you have to but try to monitor the brightness of the phone, especially at night. That apart, do not ask the driver to ever look at your messages or images that you find interesting. Normal people would like to arrive safely because that picture can wait.

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5. Automated Toll Payment

Most driver will keep their SmartTag hidden from having their cars broken in to. Hence, the name suggests. It will be a handful to assist the driver in taking the device out from say storage compartment while approaching the toll. This will be very much appreciated.

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6. Tap your feet

Washing a car can be too tiring for someone who washes it themselves, or too tiring if decided to take it to the car wash centre. It would be easier if you could bring as little dirt as possible by tapping ones feet before hopping on.

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7. Lookout at junctions

Some junction has blind spots that could need a helping pair of eyes. Of all times, this is not one to tie your shoe lace or adjust your hair. Visibility is especially at high importance during times of such.

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8. Good Gesture

It will be nice to pick up toll and fuel charges as a thank you gesture for being invited to a drive with your pal. On top of that, you can opt for picking up the parking fee. If your kind offer is refused, hence a proper meal will be excellent. Both party will end the day feeling appreciated.

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