FEATURE: Pure Adrenaline

SUNDAY JUNE 19, 2016

There are many situations that can make a heart pump faster. However, there are is one situation I particularly find necessary. Driving.


Having the joy of enjoying the engaging ride the car offers, there will be a time where adrenaline will be rushing through ones veins. Is it a good thing you may ask? It is to me. Here’s why. Close calls and overtaking a long lorry causes the rush of adrenaline in the system. Though we do not need to put our neck on the chopping board just for it to happen. Adrenaline rush happens during the urge to decide what’s the next course of action in a very short time. As speed rises, heart rate will rise. As a result, we are able to react to sudden change in time. In this case, preventing car collision. Known by its other name, epinephrine, it is a hormone that is medically used to stimulate the heart. However, given by choice, I would prefer my heart rate to rise while driving instead of being injected, medically.

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EPIC DRIVE: Sungai Felda


 Reaching for the fastest lap time scares me but it is that kind of thing

you live to tell or..don't. Not so much of a fright but

thrilling and exciting at the same time.


We live to seek for that adrenaline rush to feel alive unless you’re one of those people who are as interesting as erasers go. Some finds that rush of blood to the head in bungee jumping, sky diving and rock climbing, while others in heights or skiing. The love for cars is one of those things where you either get it or you don't while taking things to the limit is a deeper sort of connection. The kind of fix speed demons quest for, the kind that can only be satisfied when the limit is found. To go as fast as possible into a corner hoping to make it out at the other end just fine. The noun hope is an understatement. As for the car, it'd be all good till talent runs out. Nothing matters more than that supply of both fear and excitement that simply makes us feel.. alive.

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