MONDAY MAY 8, 2017

The presentation of the QC35 sways to the functional, straight to the point approach to things when compared to B&O’s H8. One will be greeted with a hard carrying case containing the pair of headphone themselves by a simple pull and lift.


This pair of Bose was treated like every wireless headphone that come about where its battery is fed to its fullest having music fed (for that break-in effect) through them before any testing is conducted.


Lightweight comfort

Wireless range

Noise cancellation

Battery life


Switching between

wire and wireless

Bland listening experience

Swapping between devices


20 hours of battery life

Noise cancelling

Bluetooth 4.1

234 grams

RM 1,990



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REVIEW: Bang & Olufsen H8

" Wireless is somewhat a form

of future proofing "

Having them on for tens of hours, I found it difficult to get the words down because this pair of Bose failed to grasp me by the way it sounded. It is thoroughly flat without any flare in the lows, mids or the highs. Additionally, it tends to be overly bright at higher volumes.


Be it Daft Punk to Yanni or Massive Attack to Damien Rice, there is just no sweet spot. Maybe hip hop from the post millennium is more suitable, just maybe. At least, they are surprisingly alright at churning Calvin Harris.

Bose have been paving the way of noise cancelling headphones for ages but with the QC35, not in their finest hour. Given jack ports will eventually be killed off which makes investing in something that’s most definitely the future a very good idea.

Listen to:

dear criminals another picture
corinne bailey rae
calvin harris 18 months
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