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Sony mdr1000X

REVIEW: Sony MDR-1000X


Unboxing the Sony was much like opening a box of cereal, no confusion, straight to business. It comes with a protective box and the usuals; flight, USB and headphone cables. Initial impressions are that it is well-made, things are tightly screwed together and it does look like it is manufactured to last.


Within minutes of listening to the 1000X, a competing headphone came to mind. The QC35. Unlike the Bose, these don't get bright and painful to the ears as volume rises. What’s more, the MDR’s noise cancelling ability walks over the 35s by a margin to take its crown.  


Noise cancelling

Well detailed

Light, long hours listening



Fit, good for huge skull

Not for all genre


20 hours of battery life

Noise cancelling

Bluetooth 4.1 with aptX

275 grams

RM 1,499

mdr 1000x beige
sony mdr 1000x
sony mdr-1000x


bose qc35


sennheiser momentum 2.0

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bowers wilkins px

REVIEW: Bowers Wilkins PX

Much like the Bose, some tunes can sometimes sound flat or linear. Electronic & RnB of recent years sound amazing on them with sufficient and tight control of bass accompanied by a clear separation of mids and highs. Despite its over-ear design, the pair of Sony plays oldies well which is especially true when listening to the voice of Karen Carpenter’s which sounded very hearty.  Other times, tracks can sound jumbled together like in John Mayer's Neon guitar intro riff.


When the right tracks are chosen, it is interesting how much detail this pair of Sony can produce which makes skipping tracks hard to do.  

" Having these headphones on,

you’re in a sphere of your own "

mdr 1000x beige

At 1500, it undercuts the Bose but it is tough for many buyers not to be tempted by the worse performing and pricier headphone makers. Then again, it isn’t as luxuriously presented as the Beoplay H8 or Sennheiser Momentum. The MDR-1000X is difficult to fault but it doesn’t replicate the sounds that can be brought about by a Bower & Wilkins PX although things can get hot from long listening.  

Listen to:

Rachael Yamagata Elephants…Teeth Sinking Into Heart
Carpenters Gold
Kenrick Lamar DAMN.

Scoop of Walnut stool & Ideas never die skull by JayKay design studio

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