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FEATURE: X-Mas Special


The best gifts for anyone at all that’s under 2000 MYR. Forget the usual suspects, iPhones and iPads. Get something people don’t already know. There are many ways to thank a friend and here are nine with an element of surprise for this festive season.


Seiko Cocktail Time

Shaken or stirred?

The SARB065 is the love child of Seiko and an award winning bartender retailing at a fraction of the price of a Rolex yet stands tall horologically . Though it may not sweep as cleanly, beats at 21,600 times per hour, however its sunburst pale blue dial and exhibition case back is a steal at this price point.

coffe joulies

Set of 5 Joulies

Caffeine Addict.

This is for coffee junkies, tea drinkers alike. They look like proper quality stuff and are meant to lower your boiling drinks to 60 degrees Celsius and keep it there for the next two hours.

codriver how to

Matsuda M3023

Flight or Flight.

Approved by Tony Stark himself as worn in Iron Man 3, these Matsuda comes in several colour options inspired by aviation days of the past. However, blue is the pick.

lv multiple wallet

Louis Vuitton Multiple Wallet

Durable Stuff.

LV being one of the biggest fashion houses makes beautiful wallet that are thoughtfully crafted with its signature chequered design that doesn’t scream for attention but evokes presence. They are made of canvas so that's a thumb up from Peta.

soundstick 3 review

Harman Kardon Soundstick III

Forget ghost chairs.

Taking inspiration from Apple’s iMac G3 and skeletonised watches, the SoundSticks (thought preferably in the mixture of glass and crystal) still grasp attention long after its debut. The third installation to the Soundstick bloodline is better sounding than ever with more than sufficient bass.

massimo dutti leather jacket

Massimo Dutti Top Stitched Nappa Leather Jacket


This is a neat nappa leather jacket with quilted stitched design very much like those in a Bentley and Audi’s RS GmbH. Perfect for both travelling and breaking the dress code.

british bulldog

Jack the Bulldog

Man’s Best Friend.

The ornament which survived the bombings of MI6 in Skyfall made its return the latest Bond film, Spectre. Jack is a good friend of Winston Churchill’s and is handmade by highly skilled ceramic artists according to Royal Doulton.

macallan 12

Macallan 12

Go Scot.

The Mac delivers a fruity experience throughout and easy on the palate with minimal after burn. The 12 strikes a great balance where there is no need to go up the ladder to 18 or 25, unless you desperately want to.

pewter darth vader

Royal Selangor Darth Vader Figurine

The Dark Side.

Christmas this year is not going to be the usual holiday. This time, the force is strong. Royal Selangor has made Star Wars as part of their work. Vader has gone Silver.

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