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seiko sarb033



A sports watch is a must-have if not a good first in every collection for the fact that it is able to go through rain or shine. When a Seiko 5 just isn’t good enough for you, this SARB033 is the next level up before you proceed into something in between and the world of Grand Seikos. It comes with a black dial in my opinion more suited to a fairer skin tone for the contrast while the egg-shell white (SARB035) is better suited to a darker person but it ultimately boils down to one’s preference.


Comfort on-wrist

All in all in-house

Attention to detail




38 mm Diameter
11 mm Thickness

100m Water Resistance
50 hours Power Reserve
44 mm 
Lug to Lug

RM 1,350

seiko SARB033


seiko 5 malaysia


sbgm221 2019

ON THE WRIST: Grand Seiko SBGM221

rolex air king malaysia

ON THE WRIST: Rolex Air-King

For not being a Rolex, this Seiko wouldn’t be condemned with all the stereotypes that come with an Oyster Perpetual yet you’re not shortchanged care given to each and every one of these SARB watches. At a tenth of the price, hours have been put into from the case to the clasp. Seiko could have been lazy by slapping on a gloss black face paired to a metal band but they didn’t, therefore this is a watch that punches way above its weight.

seiko sarb033
sarb033 crown
6R15C movement

When the 033 is put under bright light or while under the cruel sun, you’ll notice a transitional gradient from black to brown. A mix of brushed and polished metal surfaces on both sides of the case while the bracelet is comfortable on the wrist for long hours paying huge tribute to the best of the best out there; the Oyster clasp. Despite being really good, it is not as good. The crown too is done right with the brand’s abbreviation proudly stuck onto it.


Important bits in-house
High in horology


A touch thick

Strap, clasp


40 mm Diameter

13.1 mm Thickness

50m Water Resistance

50 hours Power Reserve

47.5 Lug to Lug

RM 1,650

seiko SARB065

Code name SARB065 dubbed the ‘Cocktail Time’ approved by The Snob himself, you can’t go wrong with this Seiko. On a leather strap, it is the dressier counterpart to SARB033 and is 2 millimeters larger in diameter. Powered by the same 6R15C mechanical in-house movement, it may not be a heart that's decorated with a generous amount of rubies but is one that's nicely polished. Topping off with a sunburst dial, hacking seconds and date complication easily makes it the best of the best retailing at this figure.

" These watches can take the beating from watches twice or even thrice their prices "

seiko cocktail time

Rather than having a naked wrist, the CT is my choice when it comes to going to places that aren’t tight on security. Then again it can take on almost every occasion be it a watch club gathering or a dinner for two. Nevertheless, dipping at the beach or going for a swim should be avoided because that’s where the 033 comes in. As a whole, both these SARBs make excellent entries into the watch game if that Rolex has to wait.

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