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FEATURE: The CWO Essentials


No one really cares and things are only good if they work well with you nonetheless this was still good fun. Share with us what are the essentials that got you through the year of the pandemic.

yap jing hoong thecwo


Nikon 28ti

Being an analogue photography enthusiast, in search of a suitable camera is a never ending life long process. Things started with a SLR paired 50mm focal length and most currently, the Nikon 28ti. This premium point and shoot is my current choice of film camera. It has a super accurate metering system along and the convenience of auto exposure which eases the workflow of zine photography and passion projects. The Zeiss-baiting lens is sharp and the rangefinder is bright and clear. The information display on top is beautifully designed by Seiko, making this camera unique and one of a kind. 


Shure 215

I value quality sound and can easily get distracted by the surrounding environment. The Shure 215 is a trusty pair of passive (memory foam) noise cancelling earphones and still performs above average. It is an essential gear to better focus, especially during times that require high efficiency and focus. I’ve owned this pair of earphones since 2016 and it has yet to give me any issues. The only complaint is the rubber cable cover has started peeling, exposing the inner wiring. When it decapitates, it is then time to go for wireless earphones.



One of, if not the cutest key design in the automobile world suiting the quirky and playful character of a Mini's. The car key is hooked on a customized leather keychain not just because it looks more charismatic, but mainly to avoid letting the round key knob slip off my hand (again).


Seiko SARB033

A gorgeous mechanical watch especially paired with the Hirsch leather strap. The night luminance makes it usable at night and the date window is handy for daily usage. When the SARB is placed under bright day light, the watch face will display a slight brown tone making it easier to read. Being priced at a price point of under RM 2,000 makes it quite an unbeatable bang for buck everyday watch.


iPhone 12 Pro Max

Paired with MagSafe compatible leather casing that make wireless charging and car phone mount easier than ever. This pocketable computer has tonnes of processing power to edit raw photos, 4K video and more. Yes the weight and size is noticeably larger compared to its smaller brothers, with skinny jeans out of the way, this machine is just about able to fit into the pocket.

tan choong wai thecwo


Galaxy Note 9

During the pandemic masks have become the first thing that we will check before leaving the house. However, a smartphone would be the next item we will need while heading out. For me the Galaxy Note 9 had served many of my daily needs and kept me entertained. With a super crisp 6.4-inch display, I am able to hop between movies and online reading. Not forgetting the in-built pen that I can use to jot notes down before forgetting them.


Fiesta ST

With the travel restriction imposed, one must not forget to run their rides to keep parts operating at optimal. While on these short occasional runs, I am reminded of the thrills on the runs before the lockdown. This also made me question the choice made to choose sleep over early morning drives. Having said that, it’s time to repay back the missed chances when the opportunity arises.



Go-Pro Hero 4 Session

This camera is one of the least used gadgets if compared to the Canon 6D. As much as I wanted to improve on my photography skills, videography is one my focus as well. What I really like about the GoPro is the size. It is easy to store and carry around. Link it up with your phone and you can shoot some pretty good videos. It’s a good alternative to the much larger and heavier Canon.

the cwo
seiko sbgm221


Grand Seiko SBGM221

The GS is not the priciest one in the collection but it is the most well made. That aside, it is such a breath of fresh air to have something other than the usual Swiss suspects. Those who matter will know how exceptional a Grand Seiko is and to those who do not, don't matter?

seiko 5


Seiko 5

This is the one that gets put on when going for hikes. Actually not just that but for any occasion at all because it sits so comfortably on the wrist. It is the very watch where Hodinkee gets the most page visits for hence you can’t go wrong with this one. It has been with me for 5 years and has yet to miss a beat. Good watch, good watch.

airking 114200


Rolex Air-King 114200

My daily beater, it just gets put on without much thought and that’s what makes Rolex such a popular watch. They are durable well-made watches although the oyster perpetual lineup can be labelled as slightly boring, they are well proportioned for all wrist types. The Air-King is the one that got me into watches so it is here to stay.

Master Dynamic MW07 Plus

Wireless Earphones

Master & Dynamic MW07 Plus

If you haven’t listened to an M&D, do yourself a favour because the sound that these deliver still impresses. Wireless connection has yet to fail on me, battery life’s still good and both the case and earphones themselves feel good in the hands. Scratches don’t even bother me anymore as this is an excellent product.

audi sq5 reliability


Audi SQ5

If you have to have a practical car, get the one that’s a little bit spicy. It may just be the case for petrolheads, pops out the rear end does take away some of the pandemic fatigue. It was heartbreaking where the roadster had to go for this but it makes up with refinement, amenities and a very satisfying sound system.

2021 leica q


Leica Q

Even though most of my work is done on film cameras and a Sony A7, the Q has yet to end up on the marketplace for being special. Not that it cannot lift the work that I do but I prefer to use it for leisure. Capturing the landscape, done. Close-up food shots, sure. The craftsmanship of a Leica camera does make your other cameras feel a bit like a toy. Say I no longer photograph for work, Leica M is probably where I’ll be heading.

iphone xs


Apple iPhone XS

Any iPhone is an iPhone since 2017 therefore I do not see the point of having it replaced on a yearly basis. This is the base 64GB shelled by Apple’s leather case in forest green. Years have passed, it is alive and kicking with no malfunction so next year if Apple makes a Pro mini.

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