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REVIEW: Second Generation Apple Airpods


For once, it is not derive from the search for the best sounding device but convenience. I’ve always felt that the AirPods is an item for chavs so it wouldn't mean much even if they sounded good. That was until a lady in her 60s shedding light on how convenient things can be.

Why not one with wireless charging? I’ve not invested in any Qi charging stations. Why not AirPods Pro? Well, if comfort, sound and noise cancellation is what you’re after, a pair of headphones is a better solution.


Seamless connectivity

Ease of operation

Decent sounds


No volume control

Dust magnet


5 hours of battery life

Bluetooth 5.0

8 grams (L: 4g R: 4g)

40 grams charging case

RM 699

$ 249 AUD


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First off, it is clear that these sound substantially better than those supplied with an iPhone and they better be for costing five times more. If your ears fit, the second generation AirPods sound better than you might be led to believe.

Despite bass and treble are tuned towards a neutral spectrum, rhythmic baselines from funk tunes can still get your bones moving. Mids can be picked up as they chatter away lightly but none of these really matter for most AirPods buyers. Not much fatigue was felt from long use and things are loud enough at 70% volume. Range too is impressive given how small these things are.

Some argue that a wired earphone may cushion your phone from falling face down on the ground but think of the times where the wire caught something and your ears nearly got yanked off.


If there’s one thing to complaint is how they’re finished off because the crease on earphones made it obvious where two pieces of plastic are joint together. Furthermore, the case’s hinge can be stronger so they would stay completely open more of the time. Spotify and Tidal is a deliberate two-step process which says Apple wants you to use Apple Music.

Apart from coherent connectivity, the small footprint has certainly played to Airpods’ advantage. It is one for those who are not looking for the perfect fit, noise cancellation or a distinct sound. The 2019 Airpods truly is a great wireless solution that ticks many boxes for most people and at how much they’re priced, it is fair for what you’re getting. 

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