REVIEW: Peak Design Slide





Quick release mount


Gear scratching



Strap width 45 mm

Maximum length 125 cm

Weight 148 grams

RM 249

$ 97 AUD

Startup companies that made it big are inspiring stories because who doesn’t like seeing underdogs taking it to corporate giants? Items that come by our place like small leather goods or similar things do not get reviewed because their uses are very much straightforward like this one. So long it does the job, let’s not be too petty over a camera strap.


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Individuals who uses Peak Design products swear upon how good they are and never forget to include figures raised through Kickstarter. From my experience, crowdfunded products usually appear excellent on paper but in practise they don’t live up quite as promised. Given how big they’ve become, it is unlikely anything that’s left their factory hasn’t been given sufficient thinking into design and engineering. Having seen videos on their recently released tripod, the urge to purchase was strong.

Back to the strap, it is a camera strap that goes over your neck or shoulder that promises comfort over what comes with your camera and quick access for capturing the perfect moment. This was chosen over thinner models because carrying a medium format camera is serious business. It has to be said their anchor link design (four came with this strap) is brilliant as switching between cameras or hooking onto one of their bags was made easy. Anodised screws used’s a neat touch showing manufacturing prowess while stitching and finishing are very much in line with how much they cost. Rubber grip is designed on the top side of the strap isn’t a manufacture error because Peak Design finds it being the best application for access and grip. If any of these is too complicated, PD has a twelve and a half minute video on setting up this strap.

The good news after six months of usage, Peak Design’s Slide has yet to show any sign of wear, comfort is acceptable as the wide straps distributes weight well. Some padding would certainly help when it comes to heavier cameras. That too is something I don’t quite enjoy as they are a little wide limiting manoeuvrability where I believe the smaller Slide Lite will hold up to the job just as efficiently also taking up less space in the bag. To my surprise, the adjuster hardware will scratch the camera so I kindly sent an email to support asking if I’m using their product wrong since tons of consideration have been put into their products, surely they have given this a thought. And they have, sort of.

PD came back saying the reason as to why they used aluminium over anything else is because it is mostly due to strength but the downside is the risk scratching. They also said, the common sense way of reducing that possibility is to remove the strap after every use. I don’t know about you but I find that will reduce frequency of camera use. My solution is to place the sharp bits into the microfibre tool pouch that came with the strap and care for your wristwatch when it is out of the cage.

Some heads up would have been helpful because it is safe to assume those who buy Peak Design product care for their gear. The Slide certainly provides more comfort, superior adjustability over OEM straps and those intelligent anchors deserve a second mention. Should you want one of these straps, you just have to live with taking off strap after every use. Not difficult to do, not a convenient solution either.

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