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billingham hadley small

REVIEW: Billingham Hadley Small


At first a Billingham bag felt like a product from Louis Vuitton at a third of the price (Weekender compared to Keepall 55). Bags from both companies exude presence, the former is much less in your face.


The Hadley comes in a dust bag on top of a generous number of dividers tailoring to individual needs. Instead of blingy accessories that add heft to the canvas bag, the English made product had some thinking done which doubles the Hadley’s personality. It’s first a camera bag, remove the insert and voila, a messenger bag.


Timeless design

Tonnes of colour combination

Look, feel and smell


Slow opening and

closing mechanism

Missing top handle


W: 290mm D: 120mm H: 220mm


700 grams

From RM 1,100

billingham hadley small
billingham hadley
billingham black tan


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What got me most is the attention to detail has been put into carefully chosen materials. Stitching especially, an aspect that has gone well above expectations. Look closely, then things start to reveal themselves for costing less. That aside, most of us found ourselves reaching for a non-existent carry handle that should have been on the top of the Hadley Small which is one thing Billingham could have done better.

billingham hadley inside
black brown billingham
billingham hadley pocket

Despite it all, this is a nicely put together bag which will make one feel bad for exposing it to potentially dirty surfaces when left on the floor. Oh wells, patina..

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