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mercedes c43 malaysia


MONDAY MAY 28, 2018

This one was not easy to get hold of and when I finally got the keys to one, it had to pour. Good for some 4Matic flexing?


Anyhoo, the C class is a snug place to be in and what’s more surprising is that it rides stiffer than a B8 A4 despite being 8 years apart. On eco or comfort driving mode, gear shifts are jerky where we’ve got fuel efficiency to be blamed. Switch things into other of these two and the 43 will drive completely different to any model in the C class range.


All-weather performance

Orchestral six-cylinder

Steering feedback


Taut ride

No launch control


3-litre V6

367hp 500Nm

9-speed auto

0-100 km/h: 4.7s

Top speed: 250 km/h

RM 408,888

mercedes c43 ckd


alfa romeo giulia 2018

BEHIND THE WHEEL: Alfa Romeo Giulia QV

bmw m5 malaysia


audi a4 35 tfsi


Under pouring rain, dashing this AMG-lite to hundred didn’t trigger the slightest of traction control. Power delivery was still relentless past the century mark and will keep on going onto a limited 250 km/h. Another thing that was pleasant is the engine which provided bold and clean V6 sounds. Things can still be made more exciting with a performance exhaust but it cannot be had here no matter how much you please and beg because I’ve tried.

mercedes c43 back

" You get pushed back as the numbers climb in

such a gracious fashion "

The steering even though electrically powered may not chatter like a hydraulic but is communicative and nicely weighted. Also a good size with a lot of reach and rake. In today’s condition, the C43 from Mercedes-Benz will trouble many sports cars as it grips and accelerates hard despite being in the fours to century dash. I tried reaching for its limits in order to provide a clearer insight but there was just no slip.

mercedes c43 front

Years have gone by yet the centre stack still is holding up against the test of time. Everything around the cockpit is easy to understand, easy to use while Comand APS can only be labelled as manageable. A big glass followed by a smaller one fills the roof, while the former can be opened, the latter remains fixed. Front seats have plenty of adjustments and are good for long hours, even in the back.

If you are no longer in your 20s, your body would thank you for choosing a C43 over the C63.

2019 c43 interior

Mid-cycle refresh:

2018’s power bump gave the C43 an extra 23 horsepowers and 40Nm may seem minute but even on a track, it is enough to be felt. A larger infotainment display, digital speedometers and a new steering wheel breathe freshness into the C class’s cabin. When tested back to back with the older car, the difference isn’t day and night but it is now 997 Carrera fast. Then again, the newer car has swollen in price making it that little bit harder to reach.

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