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2020 fuji 160ns review

ANALOGUE: Fujifilm 160 NS


The Fujifilm 160 NS is not available on 35mm making it a novelty film for medium and larger formats. Lighter coloured subjects clearly demonstrate this film’s purplish characteristics, less so when shot under sunny conditions. Slower speeds allow larger apertures to be chosen so the beauty of bokeh can be demonstrated more of the time.


Like most film, the NS is not all that interesting when times are cloudy so be sure to overexpose. When sun is out, the results are oh so satisfying. Skin tones are accurate and beautifully rendered giving the equivalent Portra an interesting alternative.

Shot on Fujifilm GA645


Magenta cast

Accurate skin tones

Fine grain

Fujifilm 160 NS portrait
2019 Fujifilm 160 NS
Fujifilm 160 NS profile
Fujifilm 160 NS review
Fujifilm 160 NS 2019


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