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ANALOGUE: Lomography Analogue Quartet

MONDAY JUNE 27, 2022

Looking at online samples, I was both excited and nervous to shoot these film stocks. On one hand, the results will be a breath of fresh air and on the other, photos from this roll will not go well with the rest of its kind but it is always fun to experiment once in a while. This pack of four is better value than buying each of them separately and on top of that, it comes with a camera keychain which is a neat touch. I have only shot Metropolis this far and will add the rest as time goes.



Highlights red, yellow and orange

lomography metropolis review



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The results came back to be better than expected with muted colours and Metropolis seems to highlight the colours red, orange and yellow. I rated them at 200 even though it can take anything from 100 to 400.


Any new emulsion is good news as film stocks are a dying breed and if there's one thing to note is some scratching can be seen on the upper part of the film due to the manufacturing process which is common on Metropolis according to my lab. That aside, it was fun which is what we need from time to time to break out from making the same old pictures.


Shot on Canon 300V paired to a Canon EF 28mm f/1.8

Lomography Metropolis
Lomography Metropolis
Lomography Metropolis
Lomography Metropolis
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