kodak ultramax 400 review

ANALOGUE: Kodak Ultramax 400


There aren’t many 400 speed consumer stocks to choose from and the Kodak Ultramax is one that delivers. If you like photos looking good straight out of the camera, this one’s for you.


Despite being scanned on a Noritsu HS-1800, Ultramax’s colour profile still is prominent. Professionals may find that a distraction but it wouldn’t deter the rest of us one bit. Grain is more apparent than Fujifilm’s equivalent but the warmth of the Ultramax is more of what today’s film shooters are looking for. When not shooting on a project, I wouldn’t hesitate one bit to pop this in and shoot away.

Shot on Canon 300X paired to a Canon EF 24-70mm f/4L




2021 kodak ultramax
kodak ultramax 400
kodak ultramax indoor
kodak ultramax 400
kodak ultramax 400 review


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