THE BAR: Johnnie Walker XR 21



Vanilla, orange peel,

and cinnamon

This one from Johnnie Walker has been quite the talk of the town or at least in my part of town. At 21 years of age, I expect the price to be prohibitive but its isn’t which is good because everyone can have a taste of what the world can offer.


On the nose, things are certainly citrusy and refreshing. While easy in the mouth, I expect a more complex tasting note given its length of age. Yes finish is smooth but a medium to short one. To me, the XR 21 is good over casual dinner with those who aren’t too particular on the whisky they drink or those who are starting out on their whisky journey. It is by no means a bad bottle of whisky but not one I crave for which is making me scratch my head on why we got two in the first place.


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