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THE BAR: Auchentoshan Three Wood



Orange, raisin, fig

vanilla and oak

auchentoshan three wood review
auchentoshan 2018 review
auchentoshan three wood 2018

The bottle isn’t particularly interesting but what is, the colour of the box and artwork that goes into beautifying Auchentoshan’s Three Wood.


On the rocks, you’ll pick up a strong waft of dried raisin and orange through the nose. Moving onto palate, a prominent vinegary and citrusy profile while ending with oaky finish. If you have the taste for complex whiskies, Three Wood might not please your taste buds otherwise it is an easy bottle to empty.


Auchentoshan Three Wood is another blend that’s smooth in the mouth where non-whisky drinkers can consume it with little pucker.

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