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dyson supersonic

REVIEW: Dyson Supersonic


Is an unboxing experience still relevant in 2017 or a simple packaging should have been opted instead to slow global warming down? Whichever your take, what Dyson invested 38 million pounds in gives an Apple-like reveal to its next generation hairdryer. Will the company take it like how they did to vacuum cleaners or cause another fad by reinventing the fan?


Fuchsia was chosen over white since it is the very colour being used in its adverts. Regrets? A little given almost every other person chooses their Supersonic in the shade of purplish red. A lot of the remorse had gone given how little noise this thing produces during use where a conversation could be had unlike conventional hairdryers. So, four years of work finally paid-off? Not quite.


Intense heat

Powerful airflow

Quick results


Speed & heat button

Weight distribution


3 speed settings

4 heat settings

1600 watt

618 grams

$ 549 AUD

dyson supersonic fuchsia
dyson supersonic magnet
dyson supersonic nozzle


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FEATURE: Apple iPhone X

Dyson has undoubtedly reinvented the wheel with this one as extensions snap on and off magnetically, ingenious. However, they do slow fan speed down but heat remains scorch. That apart, the Superonic’s weight isn’t nicely proportioned thus it’s bottom-heavy making things uneasy in the hand. Consequently, things can get annoying having to reposition or angling towards the desired direction.

dyson hairdryer

Switching it off gives a sci-fi sound like something technologically advanced from the future which is admittedly cool. So are the LEDs showing speed and heat levels on the DS. Having used the Supersonic over the trustworthy Babyliss for just a few days, improvement on quality of hair does start to show.


For its availability and little reach from competitors in this region, the Dyson Supersonic takes the crown despite a steep asking price.

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