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dyson v10

REVIEW: Dyson Cyclone V10 Motorhead


First I bought some bladeless fans then hairdryer which is strange because those aren’t what made the Dyson company some twenty-five years ago, it was vacuum cleaners. Everything has gone cordless these days, from earphones to speakers and now invading household appliances, what a convenient time we live in.


This is not the first time they’ve come up with a battery powered vacuum so how does it compare to the old one? Naturally it will have a more powerful suction ability, batteries last longer (up to a full hour) and carry a larger dustbin.


Powerful, cleans well


Modern and intelligent design

Quick-release tools



Trash emptying mechanism

Quality of materials used


H: 24cm  L: 124cm  W: 25.5cm

60 minutes runtime
75 db

2.5 kilograms

$ 900 AUD

dyson v10 motorhead
dyson cyclone v10
dyson cyclone v10


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It is good that the Dyson V10 doesn’t come in fancy packages as they usually end up in recycling so that’s cost saving done right. However, the plastic used on the vacuum itself will make you wonder if they belong on a product that costs this much. We got the entry model Motorhead that came with three tools and setting up was straightforward, intuitive where there is no need for an instruction manual. Just remember to charge for three and a half hours for the first time.


My expectations on the V10 was average even though it is expensive but at the end of the day a vacuum cleaner. So long it does vacuuming well, that’s job done. I change my sheets about once a month hence I’d be surprised to see anything at all on my first test run and after two stokes, dust in the canister was very much noticeable.


Then I got motivated and vacuumed everything I could think of that doesn't require cleaning, carpets, curtains and all cars in the garage. Sadly, before I could get to the second car, the batteries was flashing and the fun came to a premature end, it wasn’t even on max mode.


So I obliged to let it rest and as I pushed to release the dustbin, I lost my thumb. Before getting to the charging station, I too lost an arm. That is due to the single action release lever being a mousetrap and regarding that arm I had, was because the V10 is not lightweight. 

Like many things, Dyson’s vacuums are not perfect but they are the best in doing what a suction does. Just use your foot to release debris and take breaks in between chores and all will be well.

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