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contax 167mt

ANALOGUE: Contax 167MT


Just to get it out there, I am very happy to finally have my first Contax. This German manufacturer may not mean much today but it is a brand film photographers look up to.

Thirty years on, every knob and dial on this Contax feels of quality that hints Leica. Though not the absolute best nonetheless right up there with the best. Four-thousandth of a second shutter speed, reads DX code and automatic winding certainly adds to the appeal of the 167MT.


Build quality

Maximum shutter speed

Readily available battery


Size and weight


35mm SLR

Contax Yashica mount

3 fps

620 grams

From A$130

contax 167mt ownership
contax 167mt
contax 167mt back


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Loading film is like any other SLR and the 167 allows shooting as soon as its back is closed instead of winding it all out then letting then the first frame. Once thirty-six frames are done, a push on the rewind release button is required for it all to wind back in.

In contrast to the Yashica FX-3, this is a lot sturdier but bigger and weightier. Adding to the last bit, the 167MT is powered by four triple A batteries which are easily found but adds 240 grams to the equation. And for that reason, I do not see myself taking it out as often as I had hoped.

contax 167mt 2020 review

The action of pulling and pushing to zoom is a little awkward, the result from a single roll of Kodak Ultramax fed through this Contax is impressive. If you know what you are doing, this is like the only lens you'll ever need although I wouldn't rule out the possibility where shooting consumer film can free the mind.


The magic of shooting vintage glass is that ethereal feel, that enhanced image that lives inside your memory and that's no different on this Yashica. What now.. time to hunt for a Zeiss?


Shot on Contax 167MT paired to a Yashica ML Zoom 35-70mm f/3.5-5.6

contax 167mt
contax 167mt review
contax 167mt
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