ANALOGUE: Canon 500N

MONDAY JULY 23, 2018

Unlike JH who’s into aesthetics and shine, I went for an opposing route by getting a camera that’s made entirely out of plastic. Given I’d had my time with film photography, though a short and disappointing one with Lomography’s La Sardina, I wasn’t too sure on taking another dip thus an extremely low budget was set for this one. What’s more, I already own a nifty fifty and a leftover film, an Agfa Vista, not much more was required to give film photography one last go.


Not difficult to find

EF lens compatibility


Easy of use


Maximum shutter speed of 1/2000

Body rigidity

Limited focus points


35mm film

EF 50mm f/1.8 II

1 fps

350 gram

±RM 400


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The AE-1 has a million focus points. The 500N, just three. The AE1 brought people from all walks of life into photography while the 500N sits at the very bottom of a family tree aimed at the beginners. AE1 has a semi metal body, the 500 entirely of synthetic substance that harms the planet and the bad keeps on piling.

But the ancient relic doesn't have auto winding, this does so there’s no need to winding after every shot. The three focus points, automatic. Multiple exposure, how does nine sound to you? And my favourite, the 500N weights as much as a cigarette lighter.


Shooting anything that caught the slightest of attention as my expectations were low and how little the setup costed didn't help, I just wanted to cement the fact where film is history. 

Thinking most will turn out looking like blackholes from various galaxies, the negatives came back within 48 hours, I was astonished. That roll of Vista 400 have gone through x-rays at airports and five years of room atmosphere produced 36 attention grabbing exposures. I frankly cannot believe the results produced given how little was put in.


Things are already this interesting prior to diving into a huge array of 35 millimetre film to choose from. When that’s done there are different formats, lens combination and camera bodies to better suite one’s shooting style. Man, it's a good time to shoot film.

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