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bang olufsen e8

REVIEW: Bang & Olufsen Beoplay E8

MONDAY MAY 7, 2018


Commendable sound quality


Compact size


Connection issues


4 hours of battery life

Bluetooth 4.2

13 grams (L: 6g R: 7g)

45 grams charging case

RM 1,599

Here comes another luxury item from Danish audio makers Bang & Olufsen. And they say it promises to provide a premium wireless experience with outstanding sounds. Activating is as simple as taking them out and connecting the device only requires a long tap. The ear buds are noticeable light at 6 and 7 grams respectively and they anchor comfortably in the ears.

bang olufsen e8


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Touch controls aid in controlling the volume, answer calls, switch between modes and the usual play and pause. Bang & Olufsen engineers have given a thought in the use when it comes to out and indoors. Its party trick would be the lightweight leather case that provides two more charges of four hours listening time.


The E8s’ are a delight to be brought around especially when it comes to travelling given they are compact yet functional. They too do not attract eyeballs since the E8 remains stealth in this charcoal sand colour.

bang olufsen e8 review
e8 charcoal sand
b&o e8

The Beoplay E8 has been designed to not have a single button thus everything goes by touch, resulting in much waiting because you can never be sure on whether or not the command has been received. That aside, this pair of earphones are not good with calls.


Unfortunately, my pair had frequent hissing and connection interruption on the left side of things. Oftentimes putting the earphones back in the case and taking it out again is the only way to fix such issues.

beoplay e8

When it’s finally working, sounds pumped out of the E8 earphones are delightful. Mids are detailed, especially so when playing music of the funk genre while highs are detailed while not being painfully sharp. As for bass, they possess a very B&O sound signature, tight and clean.


If you still are not persuaded by sounds on default, they can be altered in-app, making things sound more warm, excited, relaxed or bright (whatever each of them means). Honestly, not much more could be asked given the size as they certainly impress in terms of sound, only falling slightly short in terms of openness.

bang & olufsen e8

At the time of writing, Bang & Olufsen H8 is unquestionably the best wireless earphone. However, this may not be sufficient to demanding audiophiles, then again nothing else is quite like it. In Charles Darwin's spirit in embracing change, wireless is the future and the time is now.

Listen to:

Radiohead A Moonshaped Pool
Jamiroquai dynamite
jt 20/20 experince
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