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Audi Q2 review




Super slick box

Ride pliancy

Fuel economy


Motorway noise


1.4-litre inline-4

148hp 250Nm

7-speed S-tronic

0-100 km/h: 8.6 s

From A$41,950

This around the city or suburbs is certainly in its natural habitat. Compact SUVs are meant to live in these places, tackling uneven pavements and imperfect roads. Riding on thick 18s, ride quality is plush with barely any pitch, squat or roll. The Q2's proportions are simply meant for the urban jungle where city folks live. Are such cars modern day hatchbacks?

2021 Audi Q2


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2021 audi sq5 review


The inside is really basic, not much is ticked on the options list apart from a sunroof and an electric tailgate. The seats are manual but they work. Screen sufficiently defined and analogue gauges are clear to read. Infotainment is quick to respond, the door handle feels high-quality and every button clicks nicelyNothing fancy yet nothing primitive.. how do I put this? It gets the job done in an above average manner.

Audi Q2 35 review

This may come as a surprise but some fun can actually be had chucking this around junctions even though it is the front-wheel drive version. Some steering feel is present here, clipping the apex is easy which isn’t the case for the SQ5. Click the traction control button once or just go for the long press so the safety net wouldn’t come in for the slightest slip.

Audi Q2 interior
Audi Q2 design review
Audi Q2 review

The gearbox is a delight, shifts are imperceptible and does not hesitate to downshift. It will happily hold revs all the way to 6000 rpm but any more will trigger an upshift. Despite grabbing a few redlines while wandering around town in a more sane fashion, not once did I see figures rise above 7l/100km making the Q2 the most fuel efficient car I’ve experienced.

Audi Q2 review
2018 Audi Q2
Audi Q2 mmi

So far I have been having a lot of fun in the Q2, naturally feeling happier too because I’m not stressed driving about worrying that my wheel might be curbed. Parking is done at the first go, I don’t sweat in every roundabout and the list piles on. That being said, better sound insulation, more padding on hard surfaces and a wider array of extras to choose are much welcomed.

Audi Q2 sunroof
2021 Audi Q2 review

Space in the rear bench is good enough, nevertheless watch out for the C-pillar because if you are not careful, it might just catch your head at speed bumps. Freeway drives can be quieter since road and wind noise is very much noticeable, a common trait for smaller cars. Not common with compacts, the Q2 remains stable above 100 km/h. Those aside, the Q2 is pretty much faultless so long you don’t look at it from behind.

audi q2
2018 audi q2
audi q2 35 review

If I were to buy one of these, I wouldn’t be bothered with Quattro. Check the B&O sound system, sunroof and nothing else because LED headlamps? That comes as standard, so as a reversing camera, navigation and smartphone integration. An Audi that provides decent value makes this an even better choice for a daily beater. Save the money on garnish for a proper weekend car.

2021 Audi Q2 35 TFSI:


An arrow grey Q2 was recently sent my way and this one had a 3 thousand dollars premium package on top of all the goodies of the white car. The bundle comes with keyless entry that only works on the front doors and I will be mentioning most of them and leaving out some of the less significant items.


A larger infotainment screen and digital speedometer certainly modernise this Audi’s interior. Adaptive cruise control expands the ability of a car by taking the driving out of long distances. Lane keep assist does its job well here, still have it turned off on winding roads. Hill holder, blind spot monitor and heated front seats are very welcomed additions. Parking assist still is a cool trick, it is too easy to put this thing into bays.


After a dozen hours of driving, I still crave for B&O stereo and comfier seats with some lumbar support are much needed for longer journeys. Double glazed windows and head-up display are still not available as options. This example doesn’t have Quattro thus handling can be nervous when it is damp. I’d prefer a Q2 with all wheel drive even though that will eat into its boot space and consume more fuel.


The Audi Q2 still stands at being a great size and despite wearing a German badge, not ostentatious. It just gets you places without making an entrance. If you still think it is a girl’s car, would a Supra matter to a non-car guy?

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