REVIEW: Netgear Arlo Pro



Ease of setup

Decent footage

Future expansion



Lag & delay

Black panels easily scratched

Charging issues


130° field of view

720p video resolution

Night vision (7.6 meters)

Weatherproofing (-20° to 45°)

3 to 5 months battery life

There are not many choices when it comes to truly wireless surveillance cameras. I’m referring to those that do not even require a power outlet, probably just one name on this side of the world. Fortunately, it is one that has received more praise than criticism. What the Arlo Pro provides is something I’ve been wanting manufactures to make since forever and now that’s available, I’d be a hypocrite not to get one.


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First off, the product from Netgear is packaged in a smart manner but unboxing it can get frustrating. We’ve experience moments of grass weeding ending up with cuts on forearm during the removal the cameras. What’s even more annoying is the amount of plastic used in packaging which will end up in the bin. Once they are out, they look good, feels solid in the hands and sticks on its wall-mount as advertised. Unfortunately, the base station is not. It is light and springy on the inside which may topple over in an instance of accidental swings towards its direction, feels like it came out from a factory. At least its 100 decibels claim is true because it can sound seriously loud.

Instructions are easy to follow when it comes to setting up both the base station and the cameras. The Arlo system too is ready for addition cameras should you wish for more in the future. Despite only painting 720p footage, the picture quality produced is favourable. It especially is impressive in the dark given the Arlo Pro can see in complete darkness. Despite that, a strategic angle should be chosen to bring about a better range. The cherry on top is there no need to spend additional money on a cloud subscription as the system comes with a 7-day 1GB storage.

There can be some lag here and there when instructed for live view and notably so when having a conversation through the Arlo. Have some patience prescribed as sound clarity is good and I wonder the use frequency of this feature. It is very smart of Arlo to not pick up waving trees but it’s motion sensor will only be triggered recordings when the moving subject is already in one third of the frame most of the times. Other times, in the middle or last quarter of the viewing angle all in the name of power saving. After a couple of hours, you expect your device to be fully charged but end up with none as with most micro USB equipped products, especially this one.

High expectations was what we had for the Arlo Pro and it turned out to be one of those things that we truly enjoyed spending time with. Personally, I like every bit of its small form factor, sleek design to well thought out user experience but it would have been excellent if its motion sensor were fed some caffeine.

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