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REVIEW: Breville BES870CRN


In all honesty I am a lazy person. Even though French press and clever are my preferred methods of coffee brewing. So when it comes to somewhat automated extraction methods, more engagement will be required for the full barista experience which is what hindered me from the BES870.


This machine is a perfect fit if you don’t already have a burr grinder since it has one built-in but the drawback to that is heat from the machine will affect stored beans. So it's best to pour just about enough into the hopper so there are perks to having a separate grinder.



Makes good coffee

Compact footprint


Pump noise

Extraction to steam wait times



2-litre water tank

1600 watts

RM 3,099 (Red)

RM 2,890 (Silver)

breville bes870 review


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A word of advice if you are considering to get an espresso machine, it is best to have a lot of love for coffee otherwise one can quickly get discouraged since underwhelming results are bound to occur. Attempts in getting the dose and tamp right to milk frothing takes patience and practise but nothing beats getting an end product that tastes like your favourite coffee house.

breville bes870 malaysia review

 " This is an instrument that 

brings people together "

On top of fishing for fresh beans, a collection of double wall glasses is bound to be on its way. Hobbies don't come cheap, do they? As for those self-proclaimed coffee snobs, get yourselves one of these to find out if you are worthy of Thor’s hammer.

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