BEHIND THE WHEEL: Range Rover Velar



Killer looks

Sleek, clean interior

Attractive alternative


Feels massive to drive

Turbo lag


2-litre inline-4

250hp 365Nm 8-speed ZF

0-100 km/h: 7.1s

Top speed: 217 km/h

RM 499,811

This is not difficult to like, just take a look at it. That front end. Rear side. And side profile. So sleek looking that it probably have a drag coefficient of a Ferrari’s. They’ve have given all to making this car futuristic by incorporating hidden door handles that pop out once the car is unlocked. Better still, the sleek designs theme continues inside.


porsche maca 2018


mercedes glc 2018

BEHIND THE WHEEL: Mercedes-Benz GLC 250

bmw x3 xdrive30i 2018


The screen lays flat and angles towards you should you wish on command, by touch of course. So as the air conditioning controls. They both are very impressive, easy to navigate, quick and visible so long your sunglasses isn’t polarised. Many things come as standard like Meridian audio but in economy class as more money is required so as bigger brakes, advanced driving program and so on.

I like it a lot without it moving an inch because if the Velar drives half as good as it looks, it’s job done. Furthermore, it’s recently taken a dipped in price, I am considering to have two because a Range Rover can go everywhere and do anything. One in a colour to do actual sport utility work while the other, in red, for high street shopping.

As soon as the wheels being rolling, the Velar starts to show where investments have gone and it’s not into the engineering department. For a start, it is surprising for a car that’s only 15 centimetres longer, 2.6 taller but no wider than a Mercedes GLC feels this large to drive. What’s more the Velar’s century sprint will never come close to a Macan’s 6.9. Heck, its coil springs doesn’t even ride close to the other two.

Back to the door handles, they are definitely put on a show but when pulled, it felt like it will come off after the tenth time so, gently please. I really want to like the Velar as I was one of those who queued up for an Evoque but this time, it is too much of form over function. Both Macan and GLC are everywhere and may seem like a boring choice but there are good reasons why so many are bought for acumen aside from price.

It is saddens me to see a car this beautifully designed not able to sell by the volume. If BMW or Mercedes-Benz designed the Velar, they won’t be able to make enough to sell. As for now, the eyes and the heart is making me want one but the brain says no.

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