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FEATURE: Products of the Year


The holiday season is the time of the year where we regret things we missed out and celebrate what we didn’t, what’s more important is looking forward to the next. As a year ender, we look back on products that elevated our senses onto a higher level.

yamazaki 18 review


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The Yamazaki 18

Dark Knight

Not so much no more since the company won whisky of the year, prices went off the roof yet they are not abundantly found. On our tongue, Yamazaki 18 was the best we have ever tasted, better than many liquid gold in this price bracket making the bloated price very much justifiable.

leica q review

Leica Q


The Q wasn’t released this year, not the previous one either but it still is one brilliant camera. Several limited editions and colour options were added while the insides remain the same. If you’ve been eyeing on this Leica, just get one because an all-new model will be more expensive.

giulietta veloce review

Alfa Romeo Giulietta Veloce

Blue hornet

Depreciates like mad and was never best in class but we got the stamp of approval as petrolheads. Despite whatever said about the Giulietta, it is powerful, reliable, offers plenty of space for adults, actual baggage and an everyday antidepressant.

bowers px review

Bowers & Wilkins PX

Portable High Fidelity

If you don’t mind a bit of weight and absolute noise cancellation, B&W’s PX is currently the best sounding headphones there is. When paired to aptX devices and Tidal, there are little reasons to opt for a HiFi setup although bass can be tuned down a notch.

dyson v10 review

Dyson Cyclone V10

Blow.. I mean suck away.

Built with cheap and fiddly plastic, like it or not Dyson makes the best vacuums that comes at a price. It is an appliance for any mess, any mess at all. We just hope the insides are properly screwed together.

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