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COFFEE HOUSE: Inglewood Coffee Roasters

MONDAY JUNE 17, 2024


Inglewood Coffee Roasters, based in Mount Waverley, VIC, is one of Melbourne's fastest-growing coffee roasters, known for its high-quality, ethically sourced coffee. Since its inception in 2017, Inglewood has gained a reputation for delivering exceptional coffee to both retail and wholesale customers across Australia.

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Ambiance and Design

The roastery features a modern and industrial design, reflecting the meticulous approach Inglewood takes toward coffee roasting. The spacious layout allows customers to observe the roasting process, providing an educational experience. The decor is both functional and stylish, creating a welcoming environment for coffee enthusiasts and casual visitors alike​.

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Coffee Experience

Inglewood Coffee Roasters prides itself on its high-quality coffee. The menu includes classic espresso-based drinks, as well as filter and pour-over options. The baristas are knowledgeable and passionate, often recommending specific beans and brewing methods to enhance the customer experience. Highlights include the Rafael Vinhal, a Brazilian coffee with fruity notes and a rich body, and the seasonal blend, which offers a mix of Ethiopian beans​.

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Coffee Selection

Inglewood Coffee Roasters offers a diverse range of coffee products, ensuring there is something for every taste:

  • Espresso Blends: Popular blends such as the Roosevelt Blend and Downtown are crafted to deliver rich, robust flavors. These blends are particularly known for their balanced profiles, with notes of milk chocolate, cherry, and caramel.

  • Single-Origin Coffees: Inglewood features an impressive selection of single-origin coffees from renowned regions like Kenya, Ethiopia, and Costa Rica. Each coffee is roasted to highlight its unique flavor characteristics, such as citrus, honey, and berry notes.

  • Specialty Brews: They offer seasonal blends and limited-edition roasts that showcase their commitment to quality and innovation in coffee roasting. These specialty brews are designed to provide a unique and memorable coffee experience

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Additional Offerings

In addition to their coffee, Inglewood Coffee Roasters sells a variety of coffee-making equipment and accessories, including grinders and espresso machines. They also offer coffee subscriptions, allowing customers to receive freshly roasted beans delivered regularly to their doorstep. The roastery’s online store provides an easy way to purchase coffee and equipment, catering to both local and nationwide customers.

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Customer Experience

Customers consistently praise Inglewood Coffee Roasters for its excellent coffee and friendly, knowledgeable staff. Reviews highlight the roastery’s commitment to quality and customer service, noting the staff’s willingness to share their expertise and help customers select the perfect coffee. The positive feedback underscores Inglewood’s reputation as a top choice for coffee lovers in Melbourne​

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Inglewood Coffee Roasters is a standout destination for coffee lovers in Melbourne. With its high-quality coffee, modern ambiance, and exceptional customer service, it offers a comprehensive and enjoyable coffee experience. Whether you're looking to enjoy a perfectly brewed cup on-site or purchase beans to brew at home, Inglewood Coffee Roasters delivers excellence in every aspect.

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