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COFFEE HOUSE: Symmetry Coffee Roasters

MONDAY JUNE 17, 2024


Symmetry Coffee Roasters, located at 78 Railway Road, Blackburn, VIC, is a specialty coffee roaster dedicated to delivering exceptional coffee experiences. They offer a range of blends, single-origin coffees, and customized roasting services, catering to both retail customers and wholesale clients.

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Ambiance and Design

The roastery, set in a sleek and minimalistic space, is not just a place for coffee roasting but also a venue where customers can engage directly with the roasters. The space is designed to facilitate both casual visits and more formal consultations by appointment. The minimalist aesthetic emphasizes functionality while creating a welcoming atmosphere for coffee enthusiasts and professionals alike.

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Coffee Experience

Symmetry Coffee Roasters prides itself on its high-quality coffee. The menu includes classic espresso-based drinks, as well as filter and pour-over options. The baristas are knowledgeable and passionate, often recommending specific beans and brewing methods to enhance the customer experience. Highlights include the Rafael Vinhal, a Brazilian coffee with fruity notes and a rich body, and the seasonal blend, which offers a mix of Ethiopian beans​.

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Coffee Selection

Symmetry Coffee Roasters offers an impressive array of coffee options. Their selection includes:

  • Blends: Popular blends like the House Blend and Black Mamba Espresso Blend are crafted to suit various brewing methods, particularly excelling in milk-based drinks.

  • Single Origins: They feature a rotating selection of single-origin coffees, each roasted to highlight unique flavor profiles. These are perfect for espresso or milk-based drinks.

  • Organic Options: The Organic Blend, known for its rich chocolate, caramel, and sweet molasses notes, showcases beans from PNG, Honduras, and Colombia.

  • Filter Coffees: Lightly roasted single origins are ideal for batch brews and filter coffees, offering juicy and silky flavors.

  • Reserve Selection: For those seeking premium experiences, Symmetry offers limited, roast-to-order selections designed for pour-overs and premium espressos​.

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Customer Experience

Customers praise Symmetry Coffee Roasters for their commitment to quality and service. The roasters, Matty and Po, are noted for their responsiveness and willingness to engage with customers both online and in-person. Whether it's through their "chat with us" function or during a visit to the roastery, the team ensures that each customer receives personalised attention​.

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Symmetry Coffee Roasters stands out in the Melbourne coffee scene for their dedication to quality, personalized service, and a deep connection to the coffee production chain. Whether you are a casual coffee drinker or a business looking to improve your coffee offerings, Symmetry Coffee Roasters provides an exceptional coffee experience grounded in passion and expertise.

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