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FEATURE: Celebrate Friendship


For all of the achievements to date, make 2017 a year to celebrate those have been around for you. Buy a coffee for that friend who often insists on giving you a lift. The one who makes an effort to meet up despite being occupied in life because quite frankly everyone has commitments. 



touge malaysia
touge malaysia

EPIC DRIVE: Sungai Felda

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The one who lends a listening ear to your endless complaints and the one who keeps you in the loop. We all have that one friend who leaves you with the better part on the dish or that friend who picks your up on the day of car collection. That friend who bugs you to go for a jog or that one who annoys you to take that leap - you get the picture.


Sure money is important and who doesn’t get a little greedy with greens except for the super-rich, you thought to yourself. Little did we know, the wealthy are very much greedier than they are philanthropic. Let’s admit it we tend to take friends who have always lent us a helping hand for granted. Bluntly said, they do not owe it to us in any ways. You've got them to thank for transforming into the better you today. An elderly man once told me he buys dinner (a proper one that is) for those have been around on an annual basis was his method of showing gratitude to his pillars of support.


It need not be something expensive. Get the tabs on the next drinking session or something small from where you’ve been for that friend of yours is all it takes. On the flip side, leave those parasitic ones that weights you down behind. Let 2017 be a beautiful year where more magnificent ones are to follow.

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