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bmw m




4.4-litre V8
560hp 680Nm
7-speed Dual Clutch
0-100 km/h: 4.3s
Top speed: 250 km/h (limited)

From RM 350,000

M cars have always been the dream for any car person because we know there is not a single one that’s bad (if you’d excuse the X5 and 6M). Owning an M car is one of the commandments of a petrol head’s that is placed right up there. Problem is they’ve always been expensive to buy be it brand new or used. Thirsty to run and subjected to unreasonably high road tax so they shall remain as my bedroom wall poster.

bmw m5 blue

Out of curiosity, I wondered how much would a 2012 M5 cost today since I very much enjoyed the space, comfort and luxury in a 528i but lacked fiery need to drive one like I stole it where I’m sure an M5 could ignite. For one that it is now less than four years old, it could be had for BMW 528i money. This had bad effects on me, I couldn’t eat well nor sleep well knowing it has depreciated more than half its value when new. It is an addiction that is taking a toll on me, I’ve become obsessed.

m5 interior

Priced from 400 thousand where there is no better time to barge in for huge negotiation, you are ought to get one closer to a diesel 520’s price. The proposition where something from M division could be had for the price of a base 5 series get you a lot for the money. Sure it’ll be more expensive to run but I reckon that’s a small price to pay for its Jekyll and Hyde personality. If you buy one today, it would even leave car bores scratching their heads thinking an F10 M5 for well over less than half a million?

bmw bowers wilkins

Almost everything optional in a base 5 series you get as standard in the M5. Just be sure to get one with keyless entry and seat ventilation but soft closing and Bang Olufsen audio are nice to have. Perhaps 19” rims instead of 20 for even more comfort while everything else is pretty much standard. What’s more fuel prices on its lowest low, there is no better time to buy an M5. For now, I shall retreat to my bubble of self-refrain from testing one because I know I’d be completely sold having driven the M. Question is, does the M look like a modified 5 series?

bmw m5 back
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