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REVIEW: Apple HomePod


Well, it took twelve long years for Apple to bring about a successor to the memorable iPod HiFi. Unlike other manufacturers, Apple knows better and went for an unusual arrangement where the woofer is placed above seven of its tweeters. A twenty millimetre motor drives the bass and individually amplified tweeters promises to deliver high definition audio. Android users may proceed to read on the Beosound 2 because this is clear discrimination as this is an Apple exclusive product.


In the hands, this fabric-like texture is sensory stimulating. The rigidity of the HomePod is stiff and a leap in quality compared to what it replaces. Like most Apple products, they are meant to disrupt the industry and HomePod is one of them.



Seamless operation

Quality bass


Sound lacks detail

Bass abundant

No equaliser controls


Space Grey/White

Bluetooth 5.0


2.5 kilograms

RM 1599

A$ 469

apple homepod review


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As with this company’s products, setting up was a breeze and took no more than five minutes. Although six microphones have been showered around the HomePod to aid frequent sound adjustments, it is still surprising whereby activating Siri wasn’t an issue with two of these things sending it at full blast.


Transferring a call over to the HomePod cannot be made any easier by simply holding an iPhone over the top plate. Not something one can't live without but nice to have. That aside, features like alarm and timer are more frequently used since the arrival of this dark grey mesh.

2020 homepod review

When it comes to sound, the Pod fills up a room perfectly fine but is extremely bassy. Highs are not ear-prickling while bass, although plentiful, is well-controlled. Having Damien Rice’s 9 crimes played, both treble and mids sound natural; very B&W while distortion is minimal even at maximum volume. Tunes seem to sound altered on the HomePod and there is no way of turning that off. Details seem to be under presented and the only benefit to taking things stereo is loudness.

apple homepod space grey

The HomePod can be placed anywhere with not much care given as it can take more than an accidental kick or two. It is for casual listening, an alarm clock, a decorative ornament especially if bass is your jam, the HomePod is for you.

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